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Record Breaking “Westworld” Continues To Rock The Small Screen

Anthony Hopkin’s Latest Show Wows Big Audiences

Westworld’s first season came to a breathtaking end recently, and already fans from around the world are eagerly awaiting a 2nd series. They can expect to see more from the show, given the massive cult following it has gained, which can mainly be attributed to its attractive storyline, long star studded cast list and great marketing setup.

According to official figures found online, around 2.2 million people tuned in to watch the season finale. When you consider this figure only includes TV viewers, and doesn’t include app users viewing on HBO Now, HBO Go and so on, the final figure is believed to be much higher. Once you add on viewings on shared networks such as Sky and so on in other countries as well, the total audience overall stands at around 12 million, as an average across the whole season. This the largest ever audience for a HBO shows first season, beating off tough competition from the likes of “Game Of Thrones”.

Not many could have predicted the amazing success of the show so far, but thanks to the plaudits it has received and the dedicated viewership, HBO have already announced a 2nd season will be released sometime in the coming year.

A Background To “Westworld”

Westworld is set in a futuristic amusement park that is populated by robots that look just like human beings. Whilst seemingly being a good source of entertainment at first, the robots begin to malfunction and cause all kinds of problems for the shows main protagonists and those around them. We follow the stories of the title characters as they try to restore order to Westworld, but the robots have other ideas.

The show was originally created by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy and stars big names such as Anthony Hopkins, Evan Rachel, Jeffrey Wright and Jimmy Simpson. It is definitely worth a watch on catch up and is readily available to view on demand with Sky.

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