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Watching BT TV Using MagicEye | Action Aerials

Fed Up Of Sky? Try BT TV With MagicEye

If you have become tired with Sky TV’s constantly changing prices and your contract has expired, then we recommend a move to BT TV or an alternative Satellite TV subscription service. BT TV in particular offers hundreds of channels, many more than Freesat at a better price than Sky.

Can’t Watch TV In More Than One Room, Here’s Why

In most cases, if you have had a Sky installation, then you will have had multiple TVs synced to watch live TV in different rooms via MagicEye. If you attempt to plug in your new BT TV box into the existing satellite connection, you will then notice that the TV in the main room will work, but the other TVs won’t automatically connect. Your MagicEye needs to be reconfigured to accept the new signals in all the other rooms.

How Can I Re-Configure MagicEye To Work For BT TV?

To get MagicEye updated you will need an add on to your existing MagicEye unit to replace the functions for Sky with new BT ones. We can supply and install the new MagicEye add ons for you, installing them same day to get the TVs back up and running. This is relatively inexpensive and a quick fix for our engineers.

What If I Don’t Want Or Have BT TV?

If you don’t want to have BT TV then we offer a range of alternative solutions to MagicEye to allow all your TVs in the home to access free to view channels or Sky TV. Call us today to find out more.

Unsure Of How To Setup MagicEye? We Can Help

If you are struggling to setup or convert your MagicEye unit to BT or Sky, give us a call today and one of our friendly engineers will visit your property, often on the same day as your call to get you up and running.  

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