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Wall Mounted TVs Now A Popular Design Choice | Action Aerials

Wall Mounted TVs Are Now A Popular Interior Design Trend

With the technology associated with television becoming more and more advanced by the year, it is no surprise that more and more people are choosing to have their TV wall mounted. With their smarter and more sleek appearance, TVs are now a popular interior design choice, often replacing the humble living room mirror and taking centre stage above the mantelpiece.

Why Choose To Have Your TV Wall Mounted

There are a whole multitude of reasons why you should set your sights on having your flat screen TV wall mounted in your living room.

  • It looks smarter - Modern TVs are more aesthetically pleasing to look at than the older modelled CRT televisions. Flat screen TVs blend in well no matter what type of style you have in your home. Whether contemporary or traditional a wall mounted flat screen TV won’t take away any character from the rest of the rooms design features.

  • It’s more practical - Lighter and sleeker, flat screen TVs are easy to hang on brackets and do not protrude as far out from the wall. This saves space in the rest of the room for more items of furniture like cabinets and large settees as there is not a need for a TV stand.

  • Hidden wires - Whilst optional, you may choose to bury the TV leads into the wall, which will make the unit hang smarter on the wall. This will also meant there will be no free dangling wires and the TV will appear freestanding on whichever wall you place it on.

Need Help Wall Mounting Your TV?

We can help you mount your TV to a wall at your property with the help of our experts. We can supply and fit TV wall mounting brackets to hang your TV from, and will set up and install your TV onto the brackets for you, we will connect all the leads to the TV and ensure the TV is fully functional before leaving you to enjoy watching your new wall hanged TV. Call one of our friendly experts today for free advice about this service and to arrange a no quibble quotation or visit our TV Wall Mounting page.

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