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TV Shows To Watch In November 2017 | Action Aerials

As we come into the winter season, a lot more time is spent getting warm indoors and inside away from the cold. TV viewing figures rise in the run up to Christmas, and more new and innovative shows are booked into the schedule during this time. There are also a lot of current TV shows that make a reappearance for a new series.

In this list, we take a look at some of the unmissable TV shows you could watch during November 2017.

Peaky Blinders

Available to watch on BBC Two this November, Peaky Blinders is a period drama based around the trials and tribulations of a gangster family living in Birmingham during the 1920’s-30’s. The show centres around their lust to earn cash and how they get captured and escape from the law.

In the latest season, many of the gangsters were captured by the police, with the ringleader “Tommy” escaping. When he opens a letter on Christmas Eve, he finds out that the group are set for annihilation and must plan to prevent this from happening, and this makes up the core plot for the new season.

Babylon Berlin

With Sky Atlantic giving this 16 part German show a $47 million dollar budget, Babylon Berlin is set to be the most expensive non-English drama ever made. Sky have taken a gamble on funding this project but the trailer looks exciting and innovative. Whilst not set during Nazi times, the crime-noir drama is set around the social and political unrest in Germany in the early 1930s before the rule of Adolf Hitler.

The main protagonist in this gripping crime drama is a German detective who aims to uncover a secret pornographic ring inside the government, but discovers much more than that when he discovers a mass of corruption.


Available to customers with a Netflix subscription from the 22nd November 2017, Godless centres around a town full of women who are helping to fight off a group of armed invaders. Hunting down a gang member who betrayed them and ran to the town of La Belle for help, a team of bandits lead by Outlaw Frank Griffin, aim to wreak revenge on the town's inhabitants when they put up a stand against him and his gang of mercenaries

Marvel’s Runaways

Available to view from 21st November 2017. One for the comic book fans out there, Marvel’s Runaways is based on a comic strip of the same name, which follows the destiny of 6 young adults who stumble across a secret hidden from them by their families. Realising that their parents are organisers of a mysterious LA grime outfit they decide to runaway and hide together. They don’t run far however, remaining in the city and hiding from their parents, all the while investigating the suspicious activities of the evil group known as The Pride.

During their journey they realise that they have many hidden powers and special skills which they use to get out of all sorts of tricky situations. If mutants, witches and mysterious creatures is your thing, then Runaways is definitely one to watch.

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