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Where is the best location for my Aerial?

We’re often asked where is the best location for my aerial, the answer depends on several factors.

The optimum siting of an aerial has a lot to do with your location to the transmitter mast. Ideally the aerial should be installed at the location where the signal is strongest. The accurate way to assess this is by using a test aerial and a field strength signal meter, all Action Aerials operatives carry a terrestrial and a satellite meter for this purpose.

Ideally the aerial should be situated where it can readily be serviced should repairs or adjustments be required in the future.

Nobody wants an unsightly aerial on their roof or wall, unfortunately with digital TV reception installing an aerial in the loft or roof is not always possible, there is often too greater loss of signal quality due to obstructions i.e. roof tiles, water tanks, roof insulation, neighbouring properties etc. We do stock and install a range of compact yet powerful antennas.

In poor reception conditions a masthead amplifier and power supply unit may be needed to increase the signal strength, in really hard to obtain signal spots a tall mast may be required to elevate the aerial for that last bit of extra signal.

If sounds too technical, we’re here to simplify things and sort out reception problems without any fuss. Action Aerials operatives are all very well practiced in resolving poor reception. They are equipped with up to date meters and a comprehensive range of antennas, masts and fittings, cables, amplifiers and splitters. Every Action Aerials installation is fully backed by our written parts and labour guarantee. Call now on 0800 4320797 to arrange your free, no obligation survey and quotation.

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