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Smart TVs Drive Internet Device Growth

It has been estimated that by the end of the decade there will be almost 300 million devices connected in the world via The Internet. This will include everything from phones, tablets, laptops and now Smart TVs which are a new driving force behind the increased figures. In 3 years time we will see TV Internet connected devices grow by 33% according to the latest reports released by The TV-Connected Device Forecast

The TV Connected Device Forecast looks at how a new generation of Smart TVs and evolved streaming media devices will play a part in our everyday lives in the future. The report suggests that by 2018 most households in the UK will have a Smart TV that will have basic Internet capabilities. This is based on a number of factors including availability on the market, competition and ever decreasing prices for Smart TVs as manufacturers find cheaper production methods.

The survey has also found that in most households at least one type of streaming device can be found be it a Smart TV box, or Sky/Virgin box connected to the Internet. The 4K mass market has been named as a factor for the increase in streaming as most TVs now have easier ways to connect to streaming services directly rather than through boxes or cross-devices, making it easier than ever to stream TV quickly and simply.

Smart TV Connections via TV Aerial or Satellite Dish

One thing is for sure though, for now, if you do have a Smart TV or a Television of any type, you will still need a TV Aerial or Satellite Dish for regular TV viewing. 

If you need a TV aerial, extension point or satellite dish fitting for your new Smart TV then give Action Aerials a call today on 0800 389 9025 and we will be on hand to help you, with our same day free quote service.


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