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Multiple TV Aerials Or Extra TV Aerial Points? | Action Aerials

Choosing Between Multiple TV Aerials Or TV Aerial Points

You only have to walk down the street and look up to notice that each household in the neighbourhood has a different TV aerial setup.

Not all homes have a singular TV aerial, some customers do choose to have another TV aerial fitted for additional TVs they have purchased after the original has been set up, but this is becoming less and less common. When carrying out our installations we tend to recommend fitting additional TV points for your aerial at the same time, to save the expense of having to buy another aerial at a later date.

What’s The Ideal Setup?

We suggest that the best solution for your TV aerial setup is to use one single TV aerial that’s made to the most high-tech specification possible for efficient, optimum performance. When we connect this to an amplified splitter, it will transfer the signal from your aerial to multiple TVs around the home. All you need is some extra TV aerial points to connect your televisions up to the amplifer with, we can install new points for you same day in most cases to get you up and running faster. 

Not only will your building look tidier without any extra TV aerials sticking out from behind the chimney breast, but you can also choose to have as many TV aerial points fitted as you like, so you're not restricted on how many TVs you can choose to fit inside your property.

We Can Install New TV Aerials & Add Extra TV Aerial Points For You

We install new TV aerials and extra TV aerial points at domestic properties across the UK. We carry out a free diagnostics check and no quibble quotation for you to suggest the best possible setup for your TV aerial. Simply call us today and arrange for a complimentary home visit from one of our experts.

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