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Loft Aerials vs Roof TV Aerials | Action Aerials

Loft Aerials vs Roof TV Aerials

In this installment of the Action Aerials blog, we compare and contrast the pros and cons of installing a TV aerial into a loft, versus the more popular solution of a roof TV aerial positioned on your chimney breast.

Using Loft Aerials

For many people, deciding which type of TV aerial they want or need in fact can be a struggle. All that any good TV viewer rightly cares about is being able to watch unlimited television, without interruption from a poor quality signal.

We have noticed a recent trend in the number of new build homes making use of loft aerials. In the majority of cases, this is for no reason other than for the aesthetic look of having a new home that doesn't have a visible aerial on its roof, as many consider aerials to look "ugly" on modern structures.

Whilst we can somewhat agree that the appearance of an aerial isn't a beautiful one, what the people who decide on this approach do not take into account is the position and height at which an aerial should be placed to deliver the best signal possible to the television/s in the home. If you find that you have a loft aerial and that it hasn't worked since it was fitted, chances are that it is in the wrong position.

Besides the obvious drawbacks, there are a number of reasons why people still choose loft TV aerial installations:

  • Weather-proof - Positioned inside a loft, the loft TV aerial is not susceptible to damage from the ruthless weather here in the UK. Excessively poor weather can damage TV aerials, which makes the need for repair and replacement much more frequent.
  • Cheaper (at purchase) - As loft aerials do not need to be as strong to cope with the weather, loft aerials tend to be made from cheaper materials, and aren't as well insulated which makes the initial cost of buying the loft aerial cheaper than an outdoor one. Whilst the cost at purchase is much less, if you need to have the aerial moved and a new one fitted on the roof, the cost of replacing the loft aerial will be much greater than just having an outdoor one fitted in the first instance.

Using A Roof TV Aerial

Compared to installing an antenna in a loft, externally fitted roof mounted TV aerials have higher spec designs and are made to be much stronger to cope in their environment. A good quality TV aerial can last just as long as a basic loft aerial, as long as there are no cases of persistently extreme weather (strong winds, ex-hurricanes and persistent rainfall).

It is usually only the poorly manufactured external TV aerials that need to be replaced often. The TV aerials we supply are designed to last for a good decade or longer, so you can be sure that the initial costs of fitting an aerial to your roof are worthwhile.

Boosters For Loft Aerials

Interference from your roof can reduce the overall performance and signal output given by your loft aerial to your television. An aerial booster fitted to your TV aerial will, in most cases, help to boost the signal strength, but not the quality. So this means that there will always be somewhat of a glitchy picture on your TV. Although not ideal, a booster can be used if installing a roof aerial is not an option.

Amplifiers For External TV Aerials

In the most extreme cases, such as an area with generally poor signal coverage, an amplifier fitted to your aerial can be used to help “amplify” and improve the quality of signal delivered to a single, or multiple set of televisions around your home. However, if a new installation is being planned, then a satellite dish is often a better solution as these deliver much higher quality outputs in areas with poor TV reception.

Need Help Choosing & Fitting A TV Aerial

If you need help choosing and installing a new TV aerial to your roof then Action Aerials are the experts to call. We can deliver and fit a new TV aerial same day in most cases, giving you access to your most loved TV programmes again in a matter of hours, rather than days. Contact us today to arrange a free quote and appointment with one of our friendly operatives.

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