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How Do TV Aerial Boosters Work? | Action Aerials

How Do TV Signal Boosters Work?

A TV signal booster, which is often referred to as an amplifier, helps to improve the signal quality received by TV's in areas where there is a weak or distant signal from a TV transmitter. Signal boosters are often used on aerials placed on properties in hilly locations, or that have a lot of obstructions surrounding them like tall buildings in urban environments, or trees in more rural places. On the market there are several different types of TV signal boosters you can buy, each one has its own unique purpose and application.

Examples Of TV Signal Boosters

TV Distribution Amplifier

A TV Distribution Amplifier is often used to split output to a number of TV's around the home. This is a popular choice for Sky customers who want to use the service on multiple TV's without the expense of separate boxes. The distribution amplifier is a preferred method for splitting TV signals compared to say, an aerial splitter as the amplified signal compensates for the loss in coaxial cable, and the boosted signal keeps the quality on each TV to a high standard.

Indoor TV Aerial Booster

An Indoor TV Aerial Booster is normally found fitted close to the TV itself, although you can get even better output if it is positioned closer to the aerial. Most indoor TV aerial boosters come with 2 outputs, and can be used to improve the signal quality to 2 TV's around the home. It is important to remember that an indoor booster is not a good substitute for a quality working aerial on your roof and so it is better to use this device in tandem with a fitted roof aerial, rather than using it alongside an indoor aerial.

Masthead TV Amplifier

A Masthead TV Amplifier is easily distinguishable as it is a small box which is fitted close to the TV aerial, it can usually be seen close to the base of the mast. The best option for signal boosting, Masthead TV Amplifiers provide much better results than distribution and indoor boosters. As the signal is boosted as it is passed through the aerial, this increases signal quality without the need for a boost as it passes through the cables to the TV.

Most amplifers of this kind are weatherproofed for long lasting performance, and are suitable for use indoor or outdoor depending on the type of aerial you have fitted at your property. It is recommended that they should only be used on properties where the signal strength is very poor to notice the jump up in signal quality.

Deciding Which Signal Booster To Use

Whichever TV amplifier you wish to use is down to personal preference, but your decision can be influenced by unforeseen circumstances such as cost, property type and your current aerial setup which are all factors that can alter the suitability of certain boosters.

If you have poor/no signal on your television and you need help in getting it fixed, then call our team of experts today for a free diagnostics check and quotation at your property. If needed, we can fit an amplifer same day to boost your signal, and fix any problems with your aerial to help get your favourite channels back on the box.


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