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FreeView vs FreeSat – Which One Is Best?

How Do Both Services Differ?

FreeView and FreeSat both sound very similar, both offer the viewer the opportunity to access hundreds of free to view TV channels. FreeView comes in a number of different formats, to access the channels available you will either need to use a digital TV set up box, or your smart TV will come with inbuilt software to allow you to tune into digital stations direct from your TV set. All you need to do is hook your digital TV box or smart TV to your TV aerial.

FreeSat on the other hand transmits digital signals to your TV at a super low cost via a satellite. As well as a digital TV box, you will also need to have a satellite installed onto the side of your property if you don’t currently have one. One of the key issues surrounding FreeSat is that the installation of a satellite dish can be expensive, but satellite TV is a much preferred choice if you live an area with poor terrestrial TV reception.

Comparing Costs

Whilst prices for FreeView boxes vary depending on the make and manufacturer, a high quality FreeView box would cost you at most a couple of hundred pounds. Basic ones however are available for as little as ten pounds nowadays. FreeSat boxes on the other hand have a higher setup cost that FreeView, as well as an expensive box you will have the additional expense of satellite dish installation and setup too, unless you’re lucky enough to already have a satellite.

Available Channels

An enjoyable TV experience always comes down to which channels are available and how many you can have access to. Whilst FreeView offers a hundred or so digital channels, FreeSat is a clear winner, offering around 200 TV channels and numerous digital radio stations to listen to as well.

HD Availability

Both FreeView and FreeSat recognize the importance of having HD channels available for users to access from their HD-ready TV’s. FreeSat offers 11 HD channels on demand, and FreeView 12 – however this does not include access to Sky Sports and BT Sports and other HD sport channels that you can pay-to-view at an added subscription cost.


The good news is that both FreeView and FreeSat offer setup boxes that can record TV. The main difference between the two is how much TV you can record and this depends on what box you buy, with storage capacities ranging from around 350 GB to 1TB, the amount of storage you need will depend entirely on how much TV you watch, and how much you wish to record.

Overall Verdict

A tie between both services. Neither service is better than the other when based across the key criteria, setup for FreeSat is more expensive, but you can watch more shows and enjoy better picture quality generally than FreeView. However, FreeView offers a larger selection of free HD channels, is less costly to setup and both services offer similar recording capabilities. So overall, your choice of service will be largely decided by external factors and personal preferences. 

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