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Common TV Aerial Myths | Action Aerials

Common TV Aerial Myths

All TV Aerials Are "Digital TV Aerials"

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"Digital TV Aerials" as a single simple product don't exist. There are however a number of types of TV aerial that can provide the user with a clear crystal digital TV signal. Aerials that can provide a digital TV signal include wideband aerials, grouped aerials, log periodic aerials, high-gain aerials, grid aerials and even YAGI aerials, as well as many others. Each of these types of TV aerial can be used to capture a signal, however some do have characteristics that make them better for receiving a clearer signal than others.

Higher Gain TV Aerials Perform Better Than Any Other TV Aerial 

Digital signal pictures are often clear, or show as having no signal. This yes or no effect with having a signal or not is called the "digital cliff effect". Often with TV aerials having too much signal can be as bad as too little signal. Your signal strength must be within an acceptable range, but as well having a good picture quality, you must also have a  good signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). A high signal with low SNR is likely to give you a lot of viewing problems. It's an engineer's responsibility to make sure that the SNR is a high as possible and that the signal strength can cope with occasional fluctuations in signal strength.

Any TV Aerial Can Be Installed Into A Loft/Attic

Before the swap to digital TV, analogue aerials could be reliably installed into a loft space. In most cases a digital freeview aerial cannot be installed into a loft or roof as the interference and signal loss caused by the roof will almost certainly result in producing  a poor quality signal. Simply fitting an amplifier will not only result in amplifying the signal but it will also amplify the noise being producing, which wiil still cause problems with picture breakup.

If you need a TV Aerial Repair or New TV Aerial, don't hesitate to contact Action Aerials. For any help and advice with any other TV aerial myths, drop us an email and one of our experts will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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