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Common Causes for Your TV To Lose It's Signal

Be Sure To Check Your TV Before Calling Out Professionals

TV's like any other electronic appliance in your home can be highly temperamental. There are many possible reasons why your TV might lose its signal from time to time, and there are certainly more potential culprits than you may have been aware of. Each and every eventuality needs to be considered and assessed by an engineer before they go ahead with any work on your TV or the TV aerial connected to it for that matter.

Besides the most common occurrence of a lack of signal from needing to retune your digital TV box or replace a malfunctioning box, there are many other internal and external factors you might have previously overlooked. You may want to investigate these yourself before calling out an engineer to your property.

Disturbance From Mains Powered Electrical Appliances In Your Home

Electrical interference sometimes comes from other mains-powered appliances inside your home. If there is a fluctuation in the current supplying your TV and/or digital TV box, then this may be a cause for some of the disruption.

In this instance, the recommended cause of action is to switch the device off, then leave it for 60 seconds before turning it back on again. If the problems persist, you may wish to try turning off some other electrical devices separately and repeating this process until you find the main source of the problem. If you find a device that is producing an unusual level of current, then you may choose to consult with an electrician over what to do next.
Appliances that commonly cause a spike in current include but are not limited to:

• Washing Machines & Tumble Dryers
• Fridges/Freezers
• Vacuum Cleaners
• Electric Central Heating
• Heavy Power Tools

Interference From Other Electronic Devices That Emit Energy Waves

Mobile phones, baby monitors, and just about any other handheld or battery powered device that emits a radio signal can affect your TV reception if positioned too close to your TV. Before calling out an engineer, check to see if any of these types of devices are positioned in close vicinity to your TV or digital TV box. If you find any such devices, try moving them away from the area and see if the signal problems persist.

Remember, it is not just internal electronic devices that can cause interference to your TV signal, local taxi firms, radio setups or even police cars or stations can disrupt your TV reception from outside your home. If this is the case you may choose to switch to a satellite TV service, with a satellite dish fitted to cut out this type of disruption.

Interference Brought On By Bad Weather & Changes In The Atmosphere

As the electrical waves that transmit your TV signals to your aerial travel through the air, it's unsurprising to find that a change in the state of the weather, such as a heavy storm or downpour, or a change in the atmosphere can cause disturbance to your TV reception.

Most Likely Scenarios Where A Loss In Transmission May Occur

• During a heavy rain storm.
• In a lightning storm, your local TV signal transmitter is likely to be hit by a lightning strike which will cause your TV to lose signal until this is fixed.
• During strong winds when your TV aerial or local mast may be damaged or pushed out of position.
In most cases, after a storm a signal transmitter will be repaired quickly by local engineers and should be back up and running the same day. However, if it is your TV aerial itself that has been bent or put of position then you may find that the problems you are experiencing will persist long after the storm has past. We advise that in this case you will need to contact us to have your TV aerial repaired or replaced as soon as possible to get you back up and running.

Physical Barriers Can Interfere with Your TV Signal

If you have noticed a recent change in your reception, then you may want to consider investigating changes in your local landscape. New buildings in your proximity, cranes and trees are just some of the obstructions that can block out your TV signal.

For temporary structures, the issues will be resolves when the object moves. However, in permanent cases, an amplifier may need to be fitted to help boost your TV signal reception. Failing this, fitting a satellite dish would be more advisable as these are less susceptible to interference from physical obstructions on the ground as the signal comes from satellites positions above.

Still Having Problems? Call The Experts

If you have experimented with all of these different potential causes of disruption to your TV signal, then it's time to call Action Aerials. We can investigate the problem thoroughly, saving you time and stress. We can recommend a quick and affordable solution to you're the issues you may be experiencing and we can do all this same day. So why not contact us today to book a fee free quotation and same day appointment with one of our local operatives.

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