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Don’t Try To DIY - Choose Expert TV Aerial Installers

TV aerials are notoriously difficult to install. There are so many different variables to consider when fitting an aerial that it takes a true expert to get things right first time, and to complete the installation in a timely manner you require superior knowledge and experience.

Aside from the technical issues you would likely experience if you tried to install a TV aerial yourself, there are much greater and more important reasons not to try DIY aerial installation. For instance, if you lack the necessary expertises and understanding of how to fit your tv aerial correctly, there is a greater risk of something going wrong. It goes without saying that working at height fitting aerials is extremely dangerous. Most experienced aerial installers are fully trained to follow all the necessary health & safety guidelines. We provide regular safety training for our installers to keep them up to speed on the latest protocols and procedures they need to follow. Our best advice to you is that If you aren’t used to climbing at heights and don’t have the right equipment to do so, you should leave the task to an expert and reduce the risk of injuring yourself. You will find that most aerial companies, including ourselves offer an affordable price for installation. Is it really worth taking a gamble with your safety for the sake of only a few pounds?

Listed below are our 3 key reasons as to why you should choose an expert TV installer instead of attempting aerial installation yourself:

1. Safety First – When fitting an aerial, the safety of our technicians is paramount to us. We take great care to ensure that all our TV aerial installers are fully trained and are all provided with the latest safety equipment including secure ladders and harnesses. If you try to install an aerial yourself, it’s likely that you will not have this equipment or the training needed to manage your own safety at such a height, thus significantly increasing the risk that you could come to harm whilst trying to fit your aerial. We strongly recommend that you don’t try to fit your own TV aerial if you haven’t been trained how to do so safely, and don’t have the correct safety equipment at your disposal.

2. Our Experts Are Faster – If you have ever thought about carrying out your own aerial installation, then you may want to consider the amount of time it may take you to teach yourself how to fit the aerial and complete the job in your spare time. Compare this to a team of installers in your local area, who possess over 30 years’ experience. Operating a same day service in most cases, our team can complete most TV aerial installations in just under an hour. By choosing to use our professional service you can save valuable time which you can spend on more important things, whilst the true professionals install your aerial quickly and efficiently.

3. Less Hassle – Most professional TV aerial installers including ourselves own their own vans which contain all the tools needed to complete any aerial job, as well as spare parts for aerials, brackets, cables and of course the aerial itself. Imagine the stress of having to run around your local DIY store looking for all the right fixtures and fittings to then have to climb up and fit the aerial yourself. Why waste all this unnecessary time and money when as your friendly local TV aerial company we operate a fast, efficient and affordable service, offering your value for money. Our installers arrive at your property, diagnose any faults with your existing aerial and will quickly install a new one if necessary. We provide a free quotation and if you wish, we can carry out the work on the spot, installing most aerials in less than an hour. Our no fuss service means you won’t have to lift a finger, you can sit back and relax as we do the work for you. Surely this beats trundling down to the DIY store any day?

If you’d like to know more about our fast and friendly TV aerial installation service then contact us today via phone or email to request a free home survey and quotation.

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