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Welcome to the Action Aerials TV reception News and blog. We'll be providing you with lots of tips and tricks for keeping your equipment in tip-top condition as well as interesting and useful information to ensure your TV viewing is always state-of-the-art.

Check back often to keep up to date with the latest TV viewing news and great little trouble shooting tips!

Discrete Satellite Dish Installation

27 November 2017

Many people consider the appearance of satellite dishes and TV aerials on their home to be aesthetically displeasing, so we put together a guide to discrete satellite dish installation. [CONTINUED]

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Multiple TV Aerials Or Extra TV Aerial Points?

13 November 2017

When carrying out our installations we tend to recommend fitting additional TV points for your aerial at the same time, instead of having to buy multiple TV aerials for your property. [CONTINUED]

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Watching BT TV Using MagicEye

6 November 2017

Enjoy watching BT TV around your household with multi room viewing through Magic Eye. [CONTINUED]

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TV Shows To Watch In November 2017

30 October 2017

As we come into the winter season, a lot more time is spent getting warm indoors and inside away from the cold. In this list, we take a look at some of the unmissable TV shows you could watch during November 2017. [CONTINUED]

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Are TV Shows Becoming Too Youth Orientated?

23 October 2017

TV has changed a lot over the years, and unsurprisingly so have the shows being offered. Many now target more of a younger demographic and have seemingly forgot the older generations. [CONTINUED]

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